Christ the Victor Churches live the victory of Jesus, seek the advance of his kingdom in the city, and stand on the ancient Christian faith.

CTV hopes to embrace, tell, and embody the Story of Christ’s victory in its shared spirituality. The inner cities of the world need to hear of that hope.
— Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis, Christ the Victor Church: The Guidebook

What we stand On

A shared spirituality centered on Christ and celebrated through the church year.

A historic theology anchored in Scripture and summarized by the Nicene Creed.

A focused mission committed to reproduction that results in indigenous church planting movements.

City, Olga Rozanova

City, Olga Rozanova

Why the City?

The devastating circumstances of many urban communities are active and tangible expressions of the dominion of darkness and too often the devil has been allowed free reign in our cities. Even where righteousness and light are present, people are often affected by generational darkness and hindered by societal injustice. 

Urban communities have frequently suffered the neglect of churches that opt for the path of least resistance.
As Christ the Victor Church, we believe that the urban poor*, like any other people, can be redeemed, transformed, and released to be the people of God in their own communities. 

We are deeply convinced that the Holy Spirit can and will empower the lowest and the least in the world's eyes to be great in the kingdom of God.

*Can CTV go into suburban or rural alreas?